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Правила и условия


Article 1

“Passenger”(also: “Customer,” “Client,” “You,” “Your”) refers to a person using the Connecto company's Services for a fee, or a person ordering the use of the Company’s services in person or via telephone, or any visitor to one of Connecto’s Internet pages who completes the electronic order form (hereby known as: “Booking Form”). The confirmation of an order shall mean that the Passenger has entered into a legally binding contractual relationship with the Company, in full compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

“Lead Passenger” refers to the person whose name is listed first on the Booking Form (see below.) Unless stated otherwise, this Person bears sole responsibility for communicating with the Company, with any of its representatives, as well as for making any changes to the Service subsequent to its ordering, or for making special requests and/or directions during the Service. A person shall not be considered a Lead Passenger unless they are at least 18 years old and legally able to engage in contracts. The Lead Passenger is the person responsible for paying the full price of Services ordered and/or rendered, including any insurance premiums and subsequent changes, amendments or cancelation charges, as applicable. The Lead Passenger shall undertake to inform all other Passengers fully and accurately about all Services ordered, including any changes made after the initial booking. The Lead Passenger confirms that all Passengers accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
“Service” refers to trips organized by and on behalf of the Company and booked by or on behalf of the Client. A Service consists of, but is not limited to, Transportation Services, and various Guided and/or Curated Activities, as well as the Brokering of such Services for or on behalf of the Client. A Client may book a Service consisting of a single component, such a single Activity or a one-way Transportation Service. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, Transportation Services refers to chauffeured vehicle rentals or “transfers.”

“Partner” refers to a third-party provider of Services, such as may be in certain situations hired by the Company to perform Services and/or component Activities on its behalf. Our Partner may have their own terms and conditions; in the event of any conflict between the Partner’s terms and conditions and these Terms and Conditions, the relevant Term or Condition in these Terms and Conditions will prevail. All of our Partners are companies registered in their respective countries’ company registries and fully licensed to perform the pertinent Service.

“Confirmation” or “Voucher” refers to a written document confirming the Ordering of a Service, which includes all details listed in the Booking Form unless otherwise specified, sent to you via e-mail or printed from a computer and provided to you in person.


Article 2

By filling out the Booking Form you acknowledge your capacity to enter into legally binding contracts on behalf of yourself and/or any other Passengers. The Booking Form shall be considered an integral and essential component of these Terms and Conditions.

If for any reason you refuse to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and to adhere to them, you cannot order any Service from us. The Company will not knowingly perform any Service for a Customer that has not agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

In case you consider any provision or statement listed in these Terms and the Booking Form unclear or if you are uncertain whether it applies to you, we strongly encourage you to contact our Support staff for clarification. Failure to do so shall absolve us of any responsibility to you, whether listed or implied in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise.

Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be published in the form of an announcement on our websites.


Article 3

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the Service shall consist of trips in the form of Chauffeured Vehicle Rentals or “transfers.” The “vehicle” refers to a car, van, minibus or bus. Unless otherwise stated, all Services shall begin and end at a predetermined location as entered into the Booking Form. Additional Services, such as participation in various activities or the services of an expert guide to the pertinent locality or activity, may be ordered as needed.

Chauffeured Vehicle Rentals are Transportation Services over land and sea. The exact route to be taken cannot be guaranteed. Maps provided on our Internet pages are for illustration purposes only. Likewise, every reasonable effort will be made to respect departure and travel times as stated on the Booking Form and our website; however, all times are approximate estimates.

Both the pick-up and the drop-off address must be written clearly and formally as the valid address of a unique geographical location belonging to the area of the Transfer’s departure point and destination. Jargon, acronyms or visual descriptions are permitted only as supplements to the formal address in order to help locate it. We accept no liability for any transfer delays or cancelations because of an incorrectly specified address. Moreover, in case that either the pick-up or the drop-off address are inside a car-free zone, we commit only to using the nearest possible location. We cannot be held accountable for any loss or discomfort arising from such circumstances.

A Transfer Confirmation will be sent to you via email as soon as we have processed your booking. You should print this Confirmation and show it to your driver.

Your driver should be waiting for you at your desired Point of Departure. In case you are having trouble meeting the driver, you are instructed to call our Support staff. If you fail to contact our Customer Service and make alternative travel arrangements, we and/or our Partners shall be held absolved of any contractual, actual or legal obligation or liability to you. This includes any future applications for a refund. If you are not present when and where the Service was scheduled to start, or at that location within the following 30 minutes (60 minutes if the Point of Departure is an airport), nor have you placed a telephone call or sent an e-mail message to our office in this period, nor answered either of two telephone calls made from our office to the number you entered during booking, we will consider you a no-show and charge you for any Services you booked. In keeping with common industry practice, electronic records from our servers shall be considered proof of the times when any telephone calls were made.

Each Passenger is entitled to one travel bag or suitcase and one hand luggage item such as a handbag. The travel bag or suitcase shall not exceed 69 cm / 27 inches on the longest side. The sides of hand luggage items shall not exceed 55, 40 and 24 cm respectively / 22, 16 and 10 inches. Please note that any oversized items should be declared ahead of time, as the vehicle chosen for your Service will typically not be able to accommodate additional or oversized luggage items. Additional and/or oversized items may entail additional charges, as per valid company tariffs. Unless otherwise specified in the Booking Form, the price of transporting personal luggage in line with the limitations detailed above is included in the price as listed. However, non-standard luggage (e.g. skis, golf clubs, surfboards) may be subject to extra charges. If you possess a non-standard amount of luggage per passenger or have any doubts about the vehicle’s capacity, you should contact us and submit a full list of luggage items with their dimensions and weights for our approval. Clients who fail to follow this procedure risk their party requiring a vehicle larger than their selection, entailing a higher price.

We undertake all reasonable precautions to accommodate passengers’ luggage-related demands and cannot be held responsible for any problems involving excess or nonstandard luggage. We will make a reasonable effort to return any items inadvertently left behind in the vehicle, however it is your responsibility to cover shipping costs as well as any ancillary expenses (e.g. customs duties.)

Child seats and booster seats are available on request. Please note that we cannot be held accountable if any children traveling with you cannot fit into age-appropriate seats. You should mention this possibility when you book our Service.

Additional preset features may be displayed in the Booking Form together with a price list, pending availability and applicability.

With the exclusive exception of trained guide/service dogs, we are able to transport animals only if they are secured in appropriate carrier crates, cages, etc. and provided that the Passenger has asked for written permission prior to the commencement of the Transfer. We reserve the right to deny transportation to any animal other than a trained guide/service dog.


Article 4

A Cargo Transfer consists of the transportation of unattended items of any type or weight. We do perform Cargo Transfers on occasion; however, the acceptance or rejection of a Cargo Transfer request is entirely at our discretion. In order to apply for a Cargo Transfer, you must make sure that your cargo meets the following criteria:
  • Non-hazardous (e.g. no chemicals, flammables or explosives),
  • Appropriate shape and weight,
  • Non-perishable, odorless, not extremely fragile,
  • Not of excessive value (e.g. large amounts of cash, jewelry, financial documents, valuables or art pieces more appropriate for the post office or a specialized courier service)

By issuing a Booking Confirmation, the Company commits to receive Cargo from the Customer, transport it to the agreed destination and deliver it to the recipient (or another authorized person, in which case we will need written authorization). The Customer shall acknowledge our acceptance of the Cargo by signing the Cargo Transfer slip. The Cargo Transfer slip shall include the transfer route, as will the full names and addresses of both the sender and the recipient. After the Cargo has been loaded, the Driver confirms it by issuing a receipt. Upon arrival at the destination, the Cargo recipient acknowledges the receipt by signing a copy of the Cargo Transfer slip, which is then kept by the Driver.


Article 5

The Customer books a request for Transportation services on one of our websites, or via e-mail, or by telephone, or the Customer may visit the Company offices in person.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all booking details are correct, that any special requests or circumstances have been documented and that full payment is made in exact accordance with the Booking Form. By clicking or tapping the “Book Now” button on the Website, or completing the equivalent Booking process in person, over the telephone or in person (which act must include some form of confirmation, such as clicking or tapping a confirmation link sent from our representatives,) you accept these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. No other procedure or communication between our representatives and the Passenger may be interpreted as a reservation, nor shall these Terms and Conditions apply.

The Company’s obligation to provide the Service begins with us issuing you the Confirmation. Your having received the Confirmation obliges you to pay for the Service as detailed in the Booking Form. As in Article 3, digital records from our e-mail server shall be considered sufficient proof that you have received said notification(s).
Your obligation to us ends with the completion or cancelation of the Service. (See Article 10, “Cancelations by us” below.) We recommend that you print a copy of your Confirmation and carry it on your person for the entire duration of the Service.

It is your sole responsibility to make sure you are eligible to travel to places indicated on your Booking Form. Likewise, the possession of all documents, certificates, etc. which may be inspected in this regard, is also your sole responsibility, as is full compliance with all local laws and regulations. The subsequent discovery that you are ineligible to travel to a certain place, or that you are not in possession of requisite travel documents, or any consequences arising from your non-compliance with local laws and regulations, shall not make your Booking invalid, nor entitle you to any refunds from us. Moreover, in the event of us having to pay any fines as a result of aforementioned circumstances, we will hold you accountable, and any holds on your debit or credit/debit cards (see Article 9 below) may be used to this end.

Please note that, while we shall conduct due diligence in regards to Flight Codes and departure/arrival times in relation to flight departures/arrivals and make every reasonable effort to advise you on an as-needed basis, you alone remain responsible for ensuring their veracity. We accept no liability for missed flights or similar problems arising from transfers with departure times in close proximity to flight departure times. For the avoidance of doubt, we advise you to plan your departure for the airport at least 2 hours ahead of your flight, to which time you should also add the estimated duration of the Transfer (you can make this estimate during booking when you see the estimated distance you will travel, as well as under My Booking, if this option is available) extended by an additional 20% to account for any possible delays. Thus, if your estimated transfer duration is e.g. 30 minutes, 20% of that is 6 minutes and our advice would be to plan your departure for the airport 2 hours and 36 minutes before your flight.


Article 6

Textual, photographic, video and other information on the Company’s web pages is provided for illustration purposes only. While the Company will strive to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information at every opportunity, provision must be made for the periodical unavailability of certain Services or components thereof. This may be due to bad weather, malfunctioning equipment, or any number of other reasons including but not limited to changes in the nature or scope of the relationship between us and a partnering company, the effects of force majeure (see Article 11 below), or the unilateral withdrawal by us of a Service, or a component thereof, which had been offered previously. Our staff will make every reasonable effort to ascertain that Passengers have accurate, complete and up-to-date information at the time when they make their Booking. All information pertaining to the time of day when activities are set to begin, as well as to their duration, shall be considered approximations or estimates.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all times listed on our websites are in Central European Time including Daylight Savings Time (CET inc. DST.) Please note that all times are listed in 24-hour format, thus e.g. 08:00 means 8 AM and 14:45 means 2:45 PM.


Article 7

Connecto welcomes Passengers of all ages. Passengers under 5 years of age are welcome if they are traveling with their parent or legal guardian. Passengers between 5 and 11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at the start of the Service and also at its conclusion. Passengers between 12 and 14 years of age are welcome if they are traveling with an adult or if they can provide written authority from their parent or legal guardian. Telephone bookings are unacceptable in cases where all Passengers are under 18. Furthermore, in keeping with industry practice, visual inspection of a parent’s or guardian’s signature is the only way to verify the signature. We reserve the right to ask for a notarized letter of authority and an additional document or copy thereof in order to visually verify the signature of each underage Passenger’s parent or legal guardian. Therefore, a copy of an official document such as a passport shall be provided at our request in order for the signature to be verified. Passengers under 18 years of age are recommended to carry the letter of authority on their persons at all times.

In cases where all Passengers are under 18 years of age, the Parent or Legal Guardian of one of the Passengers shall be considered Lead Passenger for contractual purposes, even if this Parent or Legal Guardian will not be using the Service. The name of this Parent or Legal Guardian shall be entered first on the Booking Form, in accordance with Article 1 of these Terms and Conditions.


Article 8

Clients are granted all major payment methods, for example: bank transfer, Amex, Visa, MasterCard, however some payment methods may be unacceptable for certain Services.

They may choose the following payment options:
  • Partial advance payment, the remainder payable at the time of the transfer, or
  • Full advance payment, or
  • Full payment at the time of the transfer.

We reserve the right to refuse any requests for the use of payment methods different from those chosen at the time of the Booking.

We reserve the right to place a hold on your debit/credit card in the full amount of the Services you booked, regardless of your chosen payment method. This does not mean your card has been charged, nor that it will be.

We will be happy to buy connecting transportation tickets for you, e.g. for ferry boats or trains. However, please be advised that such additional expenses are non-refundable. We will document any such additional expense and provide you, at your request, with documentation detailing all non-refundable fees and expenses.

If you are using a proxy to book or pay for Services that will be rendered to you (e.g. booking our Service via a travel agency), then the timely fulfillment of all financial, legal and other obligations to that proxy and/or the proxy’s financial, legal and other obligations to you remains entirely the responsibility of yourself and that proxy. Under no circumstances shall we be held financially, legally or otherwise liable or responsible to that third party.

The Service includes a complimentary waiting period in accordance with Article 3 above. If the driver is obliged to wait for the clients longer the complimentary period, this entails an additional charge, payable immediately.

All Connecto documents such as receipts, vouchers and confirmations are provided for you free of charge. All transaction fees such as currency exchange fees, debit/credit card fees etc. shall be paid for in full by the Customer.


Article 9

Your Transfer Confirmation will include cancelation instructions. The Lead Passenger is the only Passenger allowed to make modifications or amendments to Services booked, including cancelations. This provision shall be held unenforceable in the case of death or serious illness of the Lead Passenger, in which case the Company will accept a written instruction to cancel or amend the booking if such an instruction comes from another Passenger or an executor or legal representative of the original Lead Passenger.

Any modifications or amendments must be approved by the Company’s representatives. No modifications or amendments are valid until our approval. The most recently issued Transfer Confirmation is valid in all cases unless a superseding modification or amendment was issued by our representatives verbally, in person or via telephone. In this sole exception we will undertake to issue an updated Transfer Confirmation in writing as soon as possible.

Requests for changes or amendments to Services ordered, including cancelations, received within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the Service, shall be considered “last minute” requests which the Company is under no obligation to approve. While we commit to making a reasonable effort to accommodate all requests from our clients and potential clients as soon as practicable, the logistics of assigning vehicles and drivers necessitates that all orders, changes and amendments be made 24 hours in advance. For the same reason, “last minute” changes and amendments to the service are ineligible for refunds.

If you cancel any Booking, you are not automatically eligible for a refund. Each cancelation request we receive will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis, and decisions we reach cannot be considered binding in other cases, even in similar or identical circumstances.

If the Service consists of a round-trip journey, the legs may be canceled individually, however the date and time of the first leg of the journey shall be taken into consideration with regard to any possible refunds.

Vehicle upgrades necessitated by Clients’ failure to report excessive or oversized luggage, in accordance with Article 3 above, may be refused by the Client and the arranged Service canceled altogether. If we receive such a cancelation request within 24 hours of the vehicle upgrade notification, the Client shall not bear the cost of the upgraded vehicle, but only of the Service they initially ordered.

Any requests for payment method changes received within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the Service with which we are unable to comply, resulting in a cancelation request, shall be ineligible for refunds. We shall review on a case by case basis all situations described involving vehicles whose capacity exceeds 15 passenger seats.

Cancelation requests may be submitted if more than 24 hours remain until the scheduled start of the Service, if the capacity of none of the vehicles involved exceeds 15 passenger seats. For larger-capacity vehicles, the deadline is 5 days prior to the scheduled start of the service. Within these circumstances we will make a reasonable effort to honor all cancelation requests and issue refunds for all Transfer Services ordered, less a 20% cancelation fee. Cancelation requests submitted within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the Service, or within 5 days for services involving vehicles whose capacity exceeds 15 passenger seats, shall be considered invalid. Services ordered within 24 hours of their scheduled start are non-refundable after a Transfer Confirmation has been issued.

In case of Transfer Services to and from airports, if a Client’s flight has been postponed or rerouted to a different airport, the Client may change the ordered Service accordingly. While we commit to making a reasonable effort to accommodate such requests, the ordered changes may entail extra charges, or we may be unable to approve them. Cancelation requests made in these circumstances will not make you eligible for a refund.

We reserve the right to charge you for any Service you ordered from us at any point, according to our sole judgment.


Article 10

While we will strive to match and exceed our Passengers’ expectations in all cases, on certain rare occasions we will be forced to cancel a booked Service. The reasons for this can be technical, e.g. a malfunctioning vehicle impossible to replace in time, or organizational, e.g. miscommunication between us, you and a Partner.

Regardless of causes and circumstances, the Company commits to issue the Passenger with a full refund for Services booked but not rendered, unless circumstances detailed elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions render the Passenger ineligible to apply for a refund.


Article 11

The Company shall be considered released from its obligations as per these Terms and Conditions if the Company or any of its representatives or contracted partners are unable to fulfill their obligations as a consequence of force majeure arising after the ordering of the Service.

Force majeure refers to emergency events that could neither be predicted by the Company nor prevented by reasonable measures.

Events arising from force majeure are those for which the Company is not responsible and/or cannot influence them, but they considerably affect the provision of the Service. Such events are, for example, earthquakes, floods, fires or other extreme weather conditions, strikes, traffic jams, major events such as marathons or mass rallies, government regulations or orders of state bodies, military actions of any character etc.


Article 12

We reserve the right to deny access to a Service to any Clients who:
  • are deemed unfit to travel and/or use or utilize the Service ordered, or
  • whose actions could cause danger for or distress to other Passengers, or to our staff, or to the staff of our Partners, or to the public, or could cause damage to property.

Additionally, such Clients may have their contracts with us terminated, without eligibility for any refund or compensation.

In cases of infractions against a particular component of a Service, you may have to comply with specific conditions for the duration of your Service. Neither Connecto nor any of its Partners shall be held responsible or liable for accidents, injuries, loss or damage caused by a Client’s inappropriate behavior, including behavior under the influence of substances of any nature, including prescription drugs and other substances used as remedies.

If any Passenger damages or breaks anything during the Service, or if the Passenger’s behavior necessitates unscheduled vehicle cleaning or maintenance, we and/or the relevant property owners will hold the Lead Passenger responsible for paying any compensation as per damage reports and invoices issued by the relevant organization. Failure to pay will result in additional liability for legal costs incurred in pursuing a claim against the guilty party.


Article 13

Any form of travel involves a degree of personal risk. Your decision to use or utilize our Service indicates that you have understood and accepted the risks involved. It is essential that you adhere strictly to safety instructions given by our and/or Partner staff. Likewise, if any Passenger feels uncomfortable or uncertain about taking part in any Activity, the appropriate staff members should be alerted immediately. You are under no obligation to take part in any Activity which you have ordered. We recommend that you take out travel insurance whenever you take a trip of any length.


Article 14

Our staff work hard to make sure that our Passengers have an impeccable experience every time they use our Services. This includes internal quality control and a careful vetting process for potential Partners. We take all feedback received from our Passengers very seriously and base our decision-making on it. Consequently, we pride ourselves on our excellent record in some of the world’s toughest markets. However, some complaints and disputes are inevitable.

You are strongly encouraged to study these Terms and Conditions, along with all other applicable documents, prior to booking our Service. We will make every reasonable effort to answer any questions you may have regarding our Services. Complaints are acceptable if submitted in written form within 48 hours of the completion of the Service. Should you choose to register a written complaint regarding any of our Services or their components, we undertake to process your complaint at our earliest possible convenience, and in any case no later than 30 days after we receive it. As in previously described situations, digital records from our servers shall be considered sufficient proof of the time when we received your complaint. We undertake to issue any refund payments to you without undue delay, or at most 30 days after reaching a decision to issue the funds to you. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the actual transfer of funds to your account. We will document our payment and submit this proof of payment to you at your request.

Information communicated to us in error, including but not limited to mistyped names and other details on the Booking Form etc., shall not make the Passenger eligible for a refund. Neither shall obvious mistakes made by any Side be considered legally binding.

If a Passenger misses a connecting flight or any other means of transportation due to circumstances not directly and entirely under our control, we cannot be held accountable, nor can we be expected to cover the resulting expenses. Whether or not circumstances are directly and entirely under our control shall be determined solely and exclusively by us. In such cases the Company commits to issuing a full refund for the cost of the transfer only. Additionally, if we have booked other means of transportation for the Passenger at the Passenger’s request, such as purchasing ferry tickets, then the cost of these additional transportation services will also be refunded. The cost of any special requests made by the Client other than connecting transportation is non-refundable.

If you ask for a refund and we decide that you are eligible for it, we undertake to transfer the pertinent funds to you no later than 30 days after your written acceptance of the refund, which must be given within 10 days of us informing you of our decision. We reserve the right to change the refund amount at our discretion. Other than where explicitly listed in these Terms and Conditions, all refunds are awarded according to our sole judgment. We reserve the right, for any reason whatsoever and at our sole discretion, to offer, withdraw, limit and/or refuse applications for refunds. Furthermore, our offer or provision of any refund shall not in any way be construed as a precedent or obligation in any other case involving refunds, even if they pertain to the same Service and/or Customer.

We have a legal duty to make reasonable efforts to provide the Services you ordered and to arrange for our Partners and third parties to provide services and facilities in accordance with your Order. However, reasonable efforts do not mean we are required to comply with each and every local law and regulation, particularly where these impose absolute obligations. If you wish to make any claim against us, you must demonstrate that reasonable efforts have not been made, either by us or by a Partner or third party whose services and/or facilities were arranged by us on your behalf.

For claims which involve death or personal injury resulting from an activity forming part of your trip, we have liability and we will pay you reasonable compensation, in each case subject to all the exclusions and limitations set out within these Terms and Conditions, where that claim arises from circumstances under our control, or under the control of our Partner.

Other than as set out above and elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, we shall have no legal, financial or other liability whatsoever to you for any loss, damage, personal injury or death which you suffer arising directly or indirectly from using our Services. Additionally, if it is determined that we have any liability to you, our liability shall be limited in accordance with all applicable international conventions.

If any dispute between us and you is not reconciled after a reasonable effort to do so on part of both sides, the dispute shall be brought before the Arbitration court with jurisdiction over the Connecto company’s seat.

You commit to making a reasonable effort to assist us in recovering any sum which may compensate us for any refunds we have issued to you, as well as in obtaining reimbursements from a third party. Any rights you may have to compensation arising from any third party’s legal liability to you with respect to our Services shall be considered assigned to us by you unless this has been addressed otherwise.

In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes legally ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. Any legally ineffective provisions of shall be immediately replaced by effective provisions, which most closely implement the commercial purpose intended by these Terms and Conditions.


Article 15

These Terms and Conditions are set out in English, with translation provided in Croatian, German and French, as required.


Article 16

The use of trademarks and other intellectual property rights of our various partners have been granted to us under license and are protected by national laws and regulations and international regulations governing intellectual property.

Any use or usage of our websites or any of their contents for any purpose other than ordering our Services is prohibited. This includes any commercial or competitive use as well as partial or full reproductions of any content, including practices known as “scraping” or “deep linking” made by any means whatsoever, without our express written consent.

Our website and all of its contents are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights and are exclusively owned by the Connecto company.


Article 17

“Company” (also: “Connecto,” “Company,” “We,” “Us,” “Our”) refers to Connecto Mare d.o.o., a company with its registered seat at the address Split (City of Split), 18 141. Brigade, Croatia, registered with the Court registry of the Commercial Court in Split, Croatia, under registration number (MBS): 060247117, PIN (OIB): 73740861728, represented by the Director Ilija Jukić.

Data Processing Agreement DPA


Article 18

The following Articles are entered into in relation to DPA as part of the general Terms and Conditions made by and between us and you. Unless otherwise explicitly stated hereunder, all capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meanings as ascribed to them in Articles 1, 3 and 17 above.

In accordance with the requirements of the GDPR Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) hereafter “GDPR”, namely Article 54 thereof, this DPA stipulates the rights and obligations of Connecto, acting as Controller in relation to the processing of certain personal data under the Contract. For the purposes of this DPA, “personal data”, “process/processing”, “Controller”, “Processor”, “data subject” and “supervisory authority” have the same meaning as in the GDPR.

The term of this DPA shall correspond to the term of the Contract.


Article 19

Any personal information you make available to us in the process of ordering our Services, as well as any resulting communication, whether direct, indirect, supporting or consequential, is subject to our Privacy Policy (see below) and will be used for no other purpose except insofar as is necessary to process your request and/or provide the Service you ordered. Any processing of this information, as well as any communication taking place as a result of your having ordered our Services, is strictly limited to justified interest we may have in order to render the Service you ordered.

This DPA applies to the processing of such personal data belonging to our Clients. The DPA also applies to the processing of personal data done on behalf of Connecto by its various partners.

Article 20

The data processing shall take place exclusively in a member state of the European Union (hereby known as “Member State”) or in another state which is signatory to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Any transfer of data to a third country shall require our prior approval and shall take place only if the specific prerequisites of the GDPR (namely Article 44 and subsequent articles) are satisfied.

Article 21

As part of your Booking and in order for us to successfully render the Service you ordered, you will receive from us the various electronic communications listed below. If we decide there is a need based on our justified interest, or if this becomes necessary for the rendering of our service, we reserve the right to send you other types of electronic communication:
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Booking Amendments
  • Invoice
  • Invitation to review our service with a view to internal quality assurance

We also reserve the right to contact you by telephone via the number you listed in the Booking Form.

Any communication whose scope exceeds our justified interests in relation to processing your order and rendering the pertinent service requires your express consent, given separately of your own free will.


Article 22

The following data categories may be involved in the processing of our clients’ personal data:
  1. Personal data contained in the Transfer Confirmation, namely:
    • Date, time, airport, flight number (railway station, train number, etc.);
    • The number of passengers and the route, including the point of origin and the destination;
    • The number of luggage items (if any);
    • Client’s telephone numbers specifying full names;
    • The vehicle category chosen by the client;
    • The number of necessary child safety seats and/or booster seats required;
    • Special requests by the Client, if any;
    • An approximate place of meeting the Clients at an airport, railway station, etc.;
    • Telephone numbers of Connecto contact persons;
    • Other information necessary for the considered approval and proper execution of an order.
  2. Personal data obtained subsequently in relation to the provision of services under the Contract, such as changes / amendments to Transfer Confirmation data or route details communicated to Connecto in a timely manner and through proper channels.

In order to comply with legal obligations, we store the following information for 11 years following the transfer date:
  • Lead Passenger name
  • Number of passengers
  • Lead Passenger E-mail
  • Point of origin and destination


Article 23

Our obligations to you are as follows:
  1. Ensure that our processing of personal data, including the transfer of personal data to our Partner if necessary, will be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of applicable data protection laws.
  2. Ensure that any person conducting the audit or inspection with regard to our compliance with this DPA, or the compliance therewith on part of any of our Partners, is bound by the duty of confidentiality.
  3. Ensure that any requests received from you with regard to your Rights in accordance with the GDPR are followed through in a prompt and thorough manner.

Note that letters of authority and/or copies of documents used to verify the signature of a parent or legal guardian, in accordance with Article 7 above, shall be stored by us for the duration of the Service.

Note also that in certain cases, EU or Member State legislation may make it necessary for us to store your personal information for an extended period and/or transfer your information to relevant Authorities without informing you of this.

Article 24

Without affecting and in addition to any other right reserved by us according to these Terms and Conditions or according to this DPA, we have the right to transfer your Personal Information to a Partner for the express purpose of providing and rendering a Service you ordered. This transfer and subsequent processing shall be done in full accordance with these Terms and Conditions, this DPA, the GDPR, as well as any other relevant EU and/or Member State legislation.


Article 25

Under the provisions of the GDPR you are entitled to certain rights with regard to your personal information. For example, you are entitled to contact us at any time and request that we update, delete or transfer your personal information either to yourself or to a third party of your choosing. This Article details these rights and how to exercise them.
  1. The right to be informed: You may ask us for a general description of our activities with regard to the gathering and processing of information, including but not limited to: the name and contact information of our organization, the name and contact information of our representative and/or Data Protection Officer (DPO), the general purpose of and legal basis for our data processing, the categories of personal data we gather and the time periods for which we store them, as well as a list of rights available to individuals, including their right to file a complaint with the proper supervisory bodies and, lastly, any information about our activities with regard to automated decision making and/or profiling.
  2. The right of access: You may ask us to confirm whether we are currently processing your personal information, to submit a copy of this information to you, or to answer certain other questions regarding your personal information, such as what information we possess, what we use it for, what your rights are in this regard, through what channels you may file complaints, how we gather information and whether or not we have carried out any activities with regard to automated decision making or profiling, all assuming that such information has not already been delivered to you as part of the Privacy Policy itself forming an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The right to rectification: You may ask us to rectify any incorrect personal information we may have. Where applicable, we may ask you to double-check the accuracy of the information before we act on your request.
  4. The right to erasure: You may ask us to erase your personal information in the event that this information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was gathered, or if you decided to withdraw your consent (this provision applies only to cases where the gathering of information was conditional on your consent), or if you successfully exercised your right to object (see below), or if your information was processed in an unlawful way, or else if this erasure is necessary in order to comply with legal requirements. We are under no obligation to honor your request for the erasure of personal information in cases where its processing is necessary in order to comply with legal requirements, nor if we need your personal information to establish, use or justify a legal claim. Certain other conditions exist which would relieve us of the duty to comply with your erasure request; we have listed the two most common grounds for refusal. Our Data Protection Officer can be reached at anytime by sending an email to the address dpo@connectotransfers.com.
  5. The right to restrict processing: You may ask us to restrict (i.e. to keep in storage without using) your personal information, but only in cases where its accuracy has been brought into question (see “The right to rectification” above), in order to check the accuracy of the information, or in cases where any processing of your information would be unlawful but you do not wish for the information to be erased; or in cases where the information is no longer needed for the original purpose for which they were gathered, however they may still be necessary to establish, use or justify a legal claim; or in cases where you used your right to object (see below) and a check is underway for any possible grounds to supersede your request or objection. After receiving your request to restrict processing your personal information, we may still continue processing in case we have a legal basis to do so, or in case we get your consent for such activity, or if we need your personal information to establish, use or justify a legal claim, or else for the purpose of privacy protection and the rights pertaining to the information belonging to another natural or legal person.
  6. The right to data portability: You may ask us to make your personal information available to you in a structured form common in electronic transmission such as can be processed by a computer, or you may ask us to transfer your personal information directly to a third-party data processor of your choice, however this may only be done in cases where the information is being processed following your consent or the signing of a contract between us and you.
  7. The right to object: If you believe that your basic human rights and freedoms have precedence over our legal interests, you may file a complaint with a view to any part of the processing being done on your personal information which lists “justified interest” as its lawful basis. Once you submit your complaint, we have the right to prove possession of justified interests which you can reasonably assume supersedes your basic rights and freedoms.
  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling: We do not at this time process information in any way that might include automated decision making.

Any requests we receive will be dealt with by our designated Data Protection Officer (DPO) without undue delay. Our DPO will then take all necessary steps to follow through on your request.

As a rule, we will process all requests related to personal information within 30 days of the day we received your request. One exception can be very complex or multiple requests, in which case we reserve the right to extend this period for an additional 60 days. Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge a very small amount needed to process very complex requests. These extensions or fees have no effect on your rights under the GDPR, nor on your rights and privileges under any other statute or regulation.

You may exercise any of your rights listed above by filling out the form you will find here.

Any queries regarding the use of personal information should be directed at our DPO at the email address dpo@connectotransfers.com.

Privacy Policy


Article 26

Your privacy is very important to us. The Processing of your Personal Information, as outlined in the DPA, shall be limited to the smallest extent possible in order to facilitate our mutual interest, i.e. the provision and rendering of the Service you ordered from us. Every reasonable effort is made to use the most up-to-date tools and procedures for the maximum protection of your data and your privacy.


Article 27

We use Internet “cookies” and various other technologies to track visits to our websites. The purpose of these technologies is to help us analyze web traffic as well as to enable our web pages to be fully functional. Some of these technologies we use ourselves, while others are used by the Partners with whom we collaborate on developing improvements to our services.

What is a ‘cookie?’ A cookie is a very small computer file in text form. It is used to transmit information to the website user’s browser application and stored on the user’s hard disk drive or other file storage. Cookies generally include the name of the website where it originated, its own (i.e. the cookie’s) expiry date and a numerical value which is often randomly generated for data processing purposes.

Each visitor of any of our Internet pages will receive a cookie. Cookies may be used for the following purposes:
  • To uniquely identify you as a visitor by issuing a number to be reused when you visit our website again (and not in any other circumstances.) This helps us tailor our content to your interests, and also to apply the so-called “frequency capping” technique to advertisements, i.e. to prevent your excessive exposure to our marketing materials;
  • To enable us to gather anonymous, aggregate statistics in order to better understand the interaction of visitors with our website and ways to improve its structure. Neither this nor any other technology we use enables us to identify you as a natural person.

All information gathered via cookies is fully anonymous and contains no references to personally identifiable information such as names, ID numbers or e-mail addresses. Information which may combined in order to identify you is stored separately and with full application of all reasonable measures in order to limit access and processing.

Our cookies cannot be used to infect your device with viruses or other malware. You cannot use or utilize our web pages unless you consent to our use of certain cookies (see below.)

Cookie Duration. Cookies are stored on your device for a fixed, predetermined period. So-called ‘session cookies’ are saved into your device’s temporary memory storage for the duration of your visit. They are automatically deleted when you leave the website.

Facebook and YouTube cookies. Information regarding Facebook and YouTube cookies and the various options at your disposal can be found at the website After choosing a language, go to “Your online choices.”

Enabling and disabling cookies. Your browser application’s cookie settings enable you to accept or reject any cookies you wish. However, rejecting or disabling cookies may mean that some interactive functionality on our website will no longer be available.

Overview of the cookies we use.
  • _dc_gtm_: This cookie is set by the Google Analytics web analytics software. Its duration is 1 minute, after which it is deleted. Its purpose is to distinguish between a website’s visitors. This cookie is mandatory, meaning that our website may not function properly if you disable it.
  • _gid: This cookie is also set by Google Analytics, and mandatory like dc_gtm. Its duration is 24 hours, during which time it also serves the purpose of differentiating between visitors.
  • _ga: The duration of this cookie is 2 years. It too is mandatory, set by Google Analytics, and likewise used to differentiate between visitors.
  • ci_session: This cookie is set by Codeigniter, the web design framework we use. It is mandatory and its duration is 10 hours. Its purpose is to track basic user information, such as what device and browser software you used to access our website.
  • cookie_booking_vozilo: This cookie is set by us. It is not mandatory. Its duration is 1 hour, during which time it tracks the vehicle category you chose on our website for your transfer. The cookie is generated by your click on any of our offered vehicles.
  • cookie_agree: This cookie is also set by us, and is also non-mandatory. It is generated when you click “Got it!” on our cookie usage prompt. Its duration is 1 year.
  • ct-lang: Set by us and non-mandatory, this cookie tracks what display language you chose for our website. Choosing a language generates the cookie, which lasts for 2 years.
  • hasPurchased: This is the only mandatory cookie set by us. Its duration is 60 days, and its purpose is to track whether a visitor to our website has completed a booking. It is generated whenever someone completes the booking process.


Article 28

Certain visits to our Internet pages will trigger, at our sole discretion, a special cookie in order to enable the functioning of the “Hotjar” session recording software. We use this software to help us improve the design and functionality of our websites. Session recording means that the software will track your mouse (or other pointer) movements and keystrokes as part of your visit to our website. This information is later compiled into a short video clip for the Company to review at a later date. The review of recorded sessions enables us to streamline our Internet pages, improving user experience and enhancing the ease of navigating our website, as well as the ease of booking our Service.

The session recording software is set up so that any sensitive information, such as debit/credit/debit card information, is NOT recorded. The only personal information the software can gather (assuming you entered it into the Booking Form) is: your full name, your country of residence, your point of departure and your destination. This non-sensitive information is itself subject to the restrictions of pseudonymisation and encryption. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “pseudonymisation” refers to the separate storage of information with a randomly generated, anonymous identifier in such a manner as to preclude the viewing of aggregate data, while “encryption” refers to the storage of information in the shape of randomly generated letters and numbers, as per standard industry practice. We use AES-256-bit encryption whose decoding requires a special key.

This information will never be shared with anyone, nor will it be transferred to a third party. Furthermore, all recorded sessions have an expiry date which limits the possibility of storing information. This expiry date is usually set to a period of 30 days.

The Hotjar company, whose software product enables session recording, has signed a Data Processing Agreement with us. In accordance with the terms of that DPA, the Hotjar company will never store any information recorded during any session for a period longer than is required to analyze that session, nor will they ever transfer this information to a third party, nor process it for any purpose whatsoever.

The use of session recording software complies entirely with the EU General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (“GDPR”) drafted on April 27, 2016 and enacted on May 25, 2018.


Article 29

We reserve the right to hire the services of a third party in order to show you advertising material when you visit an Internet page or use a network service belonging to or associated with this third party. This advertising may entail the use of cookies in order to track the effectiveness of marketing efforts. We have neither control over nor access to these cookies. Information about third-party cookies and the various options at your disposal can be found at the Internet address After choosing a language, go to “Your online choices.”